Riso is a wine brand by Sousa Otto & Friends. Riso represents a lifestyle and a positive attitude towards life. Riso (Portuguese for laugh) is about joy and happiness, it’s about sharing good times with friends. The wine is produced in Beja, in the southern countryside of Portugal and it represents all of the distinctive qualities of the region.

Soochy Lab

Coming up with a brand identity for a wine company is a great responsibility. Producing wine is a labor of love and a lot goes into it. Soochy’s team of designers and creators appreciates and respects that. We wanted to honor the philosophy behind Riso and the people who dedicate their lives to it. The elixir inside each bottle is what’s truly special about Riso, so our approach was to come up with a label design with a minimalistic feel to it – we used a modern typeface and played with minimal geometric shapes that are subtle references to the idea of a smile. Because that’s what a good wine does to you – it puts a smile on your face.