Branding Design Digital June 3, 2019



A.gri.cul.tar (Agricultar) was built in the premisses of sustainability and the belief that it’s urgent to promote a viable and qualified ecosystem. It’s a project that sees the potential in the portuguese territory and wants to share it and make it appealing to a new generation that can push it forward into the future. It’s about taking advantage of the best things the soil has to offer while also respecting it.

Soochy Lab

For Agricultar, Soochy’s responsibility was to come up with the brand identity and logo. Respecting the premiss of the project – making agriculture exciting and appealing to a younger generation – we wanted to come up with something fresh and somewhat unexpected. We steered away from the obvious shades of green that are typically associated with agriculture and anything to do with nature. Instead, we went with blue – it felt appropriate to represent stability, balance and wisdom since Agricultar is trying to make a statement about environmental sustainability. The brand identity turned out to be sleek and elegant with a combination of a serif typeface and geometric elements. After creating the graphic identity of the brand, Soochy developed the digital platform for Agricultar. The goal was to have a basic website where people can find the fundamental information about the project.

  • Strategy

    Brand Identity, Sustainability Messaging, Positioning

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    Logo Design, Branding, Web Design

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