Co. Art Co.


coARTco is a revolutionary way to become a contemporary art collector. By creating a membership, based on a monthly subscription to be entirely converted into works of art, it allows people to build their collection in a sustained and cohesive manner. In a world where emerging talents and established artists are increasingly exposed and the offer is wider and more readily available, it can be hard for collectors to make the right choices and ensure good investments. coARTco’s team of curators invests in artists whose work is of recognisable value. The artists then create an exclusive, limited edition collection, only available for coARTco members.

Soochy Lab

We’ve developed coARTco’s brand identity from scratch. From the logo design to the brand identity and digital platform, our responsibility was to portrait coARTco as the reliable art collecting partner it is. The main goal was providing it with sober, dignified aesthetics and still give it a contemporary, fresh-faced feel. When developing the website and all the communication media, it was very important to let the works of art shine and create a sense of appeal surrounding art collecting while clearly conveying the brand, its goals and its positioning.