Med Market


Med Market is a Portuguese restaurant & grill, a bakery and a grocery store. It was created as a celebration of the mediterranean diet, its premium products and its delightful flavours. Located in Nyon, Switzerland, Med Market wanted to bring these food experiences both to Portuguese people living abroad and Swiss people who want a taste of the mediterranean gastronomy.

Soochy Lab

The branding for Med Market was created by Soochy. Being a celebration of all things mediterranean it was important to represent a vital part of its diet: the olives and the beloved olive oil – thus came the choice of the shade of olive green present in all of the branding. The representation of the letter M, present in ‘Med’ as well as in ‘Market’, was the perfect way to create a recognisable shape that became the symbol of the logo and a branding statement. After designing the logo, Soochy became responsible for all aspects of brand communication for Med Market – from advertising media to merchandise items and all things in between.