Pop Up Store


Meu Super is a local market franchise created by Sonae. With decades of experience and know-how acquired by Continente supermarkets, it was clearly important for Sonae to be in even closer proximity to its customers, hence the creation of Meu Super. With stores ranging from 100 to 400m2, the concept is that of a traditional local grocery store where people can find all of their daily basics: the products and brands that the portuguese family is well accustomed to. The stores are strategically located in residential areas with high pedestrian traffic.

Soochy Lab

Soochy was challenged to create the brand identity for Meu Super. The logo had to encompass a sense of nostalgia while also communicating a somewhat modern approach to grocery shopping. The logo conveys a ‘familiar feeling’. The font feels vintage and contemporary at the same time, while the heart shape conveys the idea of proximity – Meu Super is the neighbourhood store where you’d expect to feel welcome and be greeted with a smile. The red is immediately associated with Continente supermarkets – a brand that people know and love – but it also reinforces the warmth and inviting feeling. Other than the logo and brand identity, Soochy has also been responsible for creating specific media supports for advertising and other brand activation features.