Bagga is a coffee shop and a bakery owned by Sonae. It’s trendy but traditional at the same time and it has a fresh approach to the conventional bakeries that are ever so popular in Portugal. Its welcoming and inviting atmosphere is what sets it apart. Bagga wants to be a meeting place, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry in a pleasant setting. Bagga shops are spread all over the country and the brand is rapidly growing.

Soochy Lab

A well thought-out digital presence is at the very core of any brand’s identity these days. Being a very young brand, Bagga knows and appreciates the importance of social media in building a trust-worthy relationship with customers. They came to us with a very exciting challenge: managing and designing for their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Our approach was to make the communication fun and uplifting, using Bagga’s beloved products as the main characters in what could be called an online graphic novel that ranges between photography elements, playful illustration and creative use of typography. The response from the online audiences has been very positive and the following keeps growing.